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Cell Theme

Styling & Design

Cell makes it easy to style and format your website across page templates and modules. 
Styling the Cell Theme

Uniform Options Streamline Design

The Cell Theme takes advantage of the Styles tab in your HubSpot editor so that every module offers powerful, uniform styling options.

Perfect style, every time.

Formatting modules and content with Cell is easy with designated styling options. In each module, you'll see the same style options depending on the features of the module. Those include: Module Styles, Block Styles, Form Styles, and Button Styles. 

Module Styles

Module Styles allow for easy edits with every aspect of a module, from alignment and spacing to fonts and background options. Each module features the same Styles tab so that the options and organizations are uniform across modules and pages. Once you're up to speed on one module's styling options, you're good to go for all the rest.

Block Styles

Blocks are an important component of one of the most powerful modules included in the Cell Theme — the Cell Section module. This module utilizes blocks as a way to customize individual content sections within a single module. Style options include block type, hover options, layout, and more. 

Form Styles

Form Styles allow for formatting options on the page to change options like background, borders, alignment and spacing, fonts, and custom submission buttons.

Button Styles

Button Styles allow for some formatting of custom buttons to align branding and color choices even with custom button options.

Cell Power

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