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cell Theme

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have documentation on the theme?

Absolutely. Our team has created thorough documentation to support your website build using the Cell Theme. You can view it here.

Does Cell support HubDB?

Out of the box, no theme in the HubSpot Marketplace uses HubDB. Though it can be implemented into the theme with some additional code. Please contact us if you need some HubDB customization in the theme.

What kind of support is included with Cell?

Our team offers free lifetime support of all out-of-the-box functionality of the theme. That does not include any customizations or custom functionality.

We also offer two free hours of training and support with all theme purchases.

Will Cell work for my business/industry?

Cell was designed to be business and industry agnostic allowing any business to create a beautiful and unique website.

Do I need to know code in order to use this theme?

Heck no. Cell was created to be a no-code option for developing a beautiful website in HubSpot. You have tons of flexibility to create exactly what you want, but don't ever have to touch a line of code.

How is Cell's technical performance?

Cell was designed to be extremely well performing and we are proud to share that Cell has a 100% score on GTMetrix performance meaning your website will load extremely fast!

What is the Cell Section Module?

The Cell Section module was created as a ten-in-one module to allow you to create whatever you need all within a single module. It includes options to create a hero section as well as featured content sections. Featured content sections can include images, videos, forms, calls-to-action, and content blocks.

The customization possibilities are limitless and you have full control over the style, design, layout, and animation options.

Are there developer options for more technical users?

Absolutely. We've built in custom class and section ID options to our modules so you can style through CSS and you have full access to all module, theme, and template files.

Is Cell responsive across devices and browsers?

You bet. Everything within the Cell Theme was designed to look flawless no matter your browser or screen size right out of the box.

Will I have access to future updates to the Cell Theme?

Absolutely. You will have lifetime access to all updates to the Cell Theme as soon as they come out.

Can I use smart content in the Cell Theme?

Definitely. All modules are compatible with smart content!

What is your refund policy?

We have a 30 day no questions asked refund policy. If you're not happy with Cell, we'll refund your money.