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Cell Theme


Cell makes it easy to brand your website for your company.
Branding the Cell Theme

Uniform Branding Options

The Cell Theme takes advantage of the Theme Styles to incorporate standard branding choices throughout your website, sections, and modules.

On brand, every time.

Ensuring that your branding is consistent from module to module, section to section, and page to page can be exhausting. By utilizing the built in branding tools in the Cell Theme, you can cross that issue off your list.

Theme Options

Built in theme palette options and color schemes make it easy to set your website up to be branded consistently across the board.

Section Styles

Through the use of five optional section styles, you can create standardized branding to apply to any Cell Theme section or module.

Section Style Options

Within each section style, you can set a background color, heading color, text color, link color, accent color, primary button style, and secondary button style so your entire section or module is consistent.

Cell Power

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